Lets Go!

The path starts on this walkway a few feet above the waterline. It is hot and humid. Dragonflies flitter about us. Tall reeds either side.

It all begins to open out.

Liz spots a Koala climbing down a tree in the distance. I have time to zoom in.

We saw a few more, close up. This was how they most often liked to rest in the branches.

We were lucky that two pros were ahead of us. They had spotted a Copperhead Snake and were taking close ups of its head. We saw it, 'Oh it is a small one' said I. 'No matey, it goes all the way back there (6 feet). As I took this picture it moved backwards. 'Oh it moves so quickly' said I. 'No matey, that was slow, it can go 12 times that fast'. 'Is it poisonous'? 'Yes Mate top 12 in the world'. 'You have eyes like a hawk to spot it there' said I. 'No mate, I heard it.'